Peter Gardiner

General Manager

Peter is inspired by creativity and the belief that powerful ideas can have a positive impact in the world, organisations and ourselves. This has led him on a journey to understand what it takes to not only to conceive great ideas, but also execute them.

Dave Wallace

Director + Producer

Dave’s unique vision for telling compelling and stylised stories spans across a 17 year career. Having directed projects across the world for the likes of pop culture icons and their brands, professional athletes as well as food/lifestyle, Dave leads Engine's editorial architecture with a distinct prowess.

John Agapitos

Editor / Compositor / Colourist

John is an industry veteran and master of multiple crafts having worked on thousands of TV commercials, documentaries, broadcast TV programs and branded content pieces over
his expansive 30 year career.

Martina Joison


Martina's producing career began 10 years ago in the live music industry and has travelled, -literally and figuratively- across the world from Argentina to Australia and from music, to digital to screen. Martina has produced content from short films to features and TVCs, and worked with clients such as Giorgio Armani, Toshiba and Penguin Books.

Natalia Chow


Natalia kicked off her design career as a freelancer, working hard and fast on projects spanning from motion graphics, animation and UI, with her passion for VFX gradually seeing her expand into compositing. Since joining Engine in 2016, she has worked with clients including MTV, One Green Bean, Wilkhahn and the SCG.

Rebecca Love-Williams


Rebecca has been part the Engine family for over ten years. Originally our facilities manager, her role has grown to overseeing the smooth management of Engine's operations.

Calvin Gardiner ACS

Founder + DOP

With close to 50 years experience in the production, post production and VFX industry, Engine’s Founder Calvin Gardiner has been instrumental in the success of the Engine brand.

Bruno Borio

Designer + Creative

Bruno is an award-winning designer, a motion design and animator with 11 years of industry experience having cut his teeth in some of Brazil’s biggest agencies, agencies that include Lobo, VectorZero and Consulado.



Bert is Engine’s best friend. His expertise spans seeking out paper (tissues are a specialty) and welcoming everyone who comes into the door. To date, his biggest success at Engine has been negotiating with the team to let him sleep on the sofa. It was a hard fought battle.