The Modern Storyteller

Production + Content

Engine is the Modern Storyteller. A collective that believes in the power of stories to inspire and transform. 


Production + Post / Direction / Design / Ideas / Illustration / Colour / Photography / Animation / Visual Effects / Content Marketing & Strategy


Our Studio

Located in the heart of Sydney’s creative community of Surry Hills, our studio features everything needed for a seamless post production workflow.
This includes Flame, Maya, DaVinci Resolve and Cinema 4d.



Engine can trace its routes back to 1935, when Jack Gardiner received a camera for his 14th Birthday and instantly fell in love.

This passion led to a career as an award winning editor, cinematographer, lab technician and later an entrepreneur. In the 1970s he took on full ownership of the 16mm colour print laboratory Colour Transcriptions, where he was soon joined by his son, Calvin.

In 1990, soon after Jack’s retirement and forging a career as a DOP, Calvin was a founding partner of Acme Photo Video. In 1999 Acme was rebranded as Engine reflecting the transformation from analogue to digital technologies.

Today, Engine continues to adapt and anticipate the needs of the marketplace. While the chemicals, film and tapes have long gone – some things never change. The lessons learnt and passion instilled from three generations of film making have taken a firm hold and form the backbone of Engine’s commitment to storytelling.



Over the past 27 years, we’ve had the privilege to work with (both directly and indirectly through their partners) some of Australia’s leading brands.

At the core of Engine is the desire to form partnerships – not a client roster. We want your success to be our success and vice-versa.

That’s why we’ll go to extraordinary lengths to ensure our partnerships are strong, based on transparency and provide exceptional craft & value.